Finances are critical to any household. The stress of finances can put a strain on your daily life. Between saving for retirement, your student’s tuition, or investing in the stock market, it can be challenging to manage your wealth. With the help of a financial planner, you get help every step of the way. Orem residents have access to certified, experienced, and reputable financial planners.
With Layton Wealth Management, you get control over your finances and help to reach long term goals. We provide education that will improve your investment skills and allow you to save more money. After we analyze your financial situation, we will provide you with a personalized plan for your finances. Here is a look at how our services address many financial concerns.

Financial Concerns in Orem, Utah

Each household is unique and has its own financial circumstances. There are many reasons Orem residents look to financial planners for help. Saving for retirement and supporting family members can be challenging and stressful. Here are some of the most common concerns families have about finances:

  • College tuition
  • Wedding costs
  • Buying a new home
  • Planning for retirement
  • Helping aging parents
  • Paying off debt
  • Making additional income

No matter what concern you have about your finances, you can take advantage of financial services to address any issues. Our financial professionals will provide expert advice for managing your finances. These services will prepare you to handle any situation and effectively grow your wealth.

Investment Services

Putting money away for a rainy day is a great safety net when going through unexpected situations. Whether it’s a medical emergency or there are layoffs at work, savings can keep you afloat during difficult times. Our services focus on building your investment portfolio, reaching savings goals, and finding the perfect life insurance plan.

Take a look at the different financial planning services we provide:

Life Insurance

No savings plan should go without a life insurance plan. These plans will help provide for your spouse and dependents in the unlikely event of passing away. There are two types of coverage: value-accumulating and term insurance. We will help decide which plan is best for you, or if it’s best to combine each plan.


Many households are saving for retirement, college, or a new home. It is important to understand the possible expenses. For example, on average, public universities cost $130,000 while private universities cost $235,000. You can prepare for these expenditures by effectively managing your money.

Many households are also saving for retirement or buying a new home. It is best to start saving money now. With the right income and savings plan, you could be prepared to make a downpayment after a year of saving. We will determine a plan that is best suited for you and your family while mitigating the risks.

Stock Market

Taking advantage of the stock market is the best way to grow your savings at a rate that outpaces inflation. Our financial planners will give you a deep understanding of the stock market and how you can grow your wealth through investments. You can keep your savings and investments valuable as the standards of living increase.

Find A Certified Financial Planner in Utah

You can get started on planning your future today. Layton Wealth Management will help you reach your goals and address any of your concerns. We will help you come up with a strategy to increase your wealth and prepare you for your future. If you’d like to discuss your goals, be sure to contact us here or at 801-678-4751 to schedule a consultation!